Explanations sought for balancing market delays

An extension beyond December of this year will be needed for the delivery of the balancing market due to the project’s high complexity and increased workload, power grid operator IPTO has informed RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy.

The authority has requested precise schedules and explanations for delays from local bodies involved in the development of the target model following EU pressure.

IPTO estimates an additional time period of at least three months will be needed as thorough inspections will be necessary, citing the balancing market’s importance to the grid’s safety and reliability. The operator does not want to commit to any specific delivery dates.

A delay in finalizing the market’s shape, decided through an approval of the balancing market as recently as December, has not helped, IPTO noted in its response to RAE.

Information system delays have also been detected. IPTO has commissioned the development of a market management system (MMS), market settlement system (MSS), and a cross-border management system (XBMS).