RAE’s improved IPTO terms to boost quest for investors

Anticipated revisions by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, this coming February are expected to boost power grid operator IPTO’s revenue potential and support an ongoing quest aiming to attract investors at IPTO Holding, the new IPTO power grid operator.

At present, IPTO Holding’s net yield, following inflation, is 7.3 percent. The country’s reduced risk factor and an anticipated electricity consumption rise should offer support to the search.

MSCI ETF Greece, a member of Global X Funds, recently sold approximately three million IPTO Holding shares, which represents the only major shareholder shift since the new IPTO firm was launched several months ago.

MSCI ETF Greece was essentially forced to sell its minority stake in IPTO Holding as a result of certain capitalization and liquidity terms. ETF, which already holds shares in OTE, Alpha, OPAP, National Bank of Greece, Eurobank, Piraeus Bank, Jumbo and Titan Cements, ended up an IPTO Holding shareholder as a result of main power utility PPC shares included in its portfolio.

IPTO Holding’s share price has lost some ground since the new company’s launch.