Incentive boost for company electromobility upgrades

A series of energy ministry revisions made to boost the appeal of a program subsidizing electromobility purchases is expected to soon be implemented.

To date, subsidies absorbed through the support program, dubbed ‘Moving Electrically’, have reached 13.9 million euros, 31 percent of its total amount.

Under the revised subsidy terms, companies will be entitled to apply for the purchase or lease of up to 10 vehicles, up from three, or six for island regions, at present.

Companies will be entitled to withdraw, with incentives attached, as many vehicles as the number of electric vehicle purchases for which they have submitted subsidy applications.

Also, companies will have the right to submit applications for recharging station purchase and installation subsidies representing unit quantities of up to 50 percent of the number of electric vehicle subsidy applications lodged, under the conditions that these recharging units are exclusively used to cover company needs and not commercial interests.

Furthermore, companies active in the tourism sector, as well as businesses offering home deliveries and courier services will be entitled to subsidies for the purchase of up to ten electric bicycles.

An amount offered as an incentive for the withdrawal of older taxis will be raised to 5,500 euros per vehicle.

Up until early August, a total of 14,990 applications were submitted to the ‘Moving Electrically’ subsidy program, of which 14,005 were processed and 78.5 percent of these, or 11,002, approved, according to energy ministry data.