Significant RES sector revisions attached to PPC draft bill

Numerous significant changes concerning the renewable energy sector are being attached to a draft bill initially focused on power utility PPC’s restructured future but now developing into a wider energy sector motion. Its content is scheduled to be discussed by the Ministerial Council tomorrow.

The planned RES sector revisions include retroactive payments covering July, August and September for energy park producers holding Feed-In Premium agreements. Payments stopped at the end of June.

Also, RES investors not backed by support frameworks will be permitted to enter the market and sell their production through various agreements, including bilateral. This is not permitted at present.

Another revision will enable large-scale energy parks with capacities exceeding 250 MW to skip taking part in competitive procedures and be compensated through a special support framework.

In addition, hybrid project licensing procedures, currently stuck, will be unblocked through the upcoming RES sector revisions.