PPC lignite reserves, stations ready for winter, official assures

Lignite reserves are sufficient to meet elevated demand this winter, while the country’s lignite-fired power stations, hydropower facilities and lignite mines are all set to operate, Dimitris Metikanis, general manager of power utility PPC’s lignite production division has noted in Parliament, in response to questions over energy sufficiency and the energy crisis.

PPC has done all that is possible to prepare the country’s lignite and hydropower units for possible energy demand increases during the winter, the PPC official noted.

Maintenance levels for the country’s lignite facilities have been relaxed in recent times as these units are headed for withdrawal by 2023, as part of Greece’s decarbonization effort. However, the energy crisis may require the lignite units to be brought back into play this winter.

Adequate lignite sources are expected to prevent a reliance on electricity exports, while PPC’s lignite-fired power station Agios Dimitrios V is expected to return by the end of the year after being sidelined for desulfurization work, the official informed.

Daily electricity demand in Greece is projected to reach between 180 and 190 GWh during colder weather conditions from December to February, according to power grid operator IPTO projections.

Such demand levels will require contributions from all available lignite-fired power stations, seven in total – Agios Dimitrios I, II, III, IV and V, Melitis and Megalopoli IV – offering a total capacity of 1,800 MW.


Ministerial intervention enables restart at PPC’s Megalopoli IV

Power utility PPC’s Megalopoli IV coal generator in the Peloponnese has been given permission to recommence production following a revision of the unit’s environmental terms and license extension.

The energy ministry intervened to overcome a decision by the Council of State, Greece’s supreme administrative court, preventing a revision of the facility’s environmental terms, which delayed the unit’s return to production.

The power station, whose renewed license has a ten-year duration, could return to action as soon as today.

New Democracy MP Kostas Vlassis recently announced the Megalopoli power station would soon be operating again after meeting with PPC chief executive Giorgos Stassis.

PPC had submitted an application requesting a revision of the environmental terms and a license extension in January.