Local PV market grounded by China’s sharply reduced output

A drastic reduction in output of solar module panels by Chinese manufacturers, prompted by electricity shortages in the country as well as limited availability of PV materials, is heavily impacting RES sector investors in Greece.

Numerous local investors who had placed PV orders quite some time ago have been informed, by Chinese manufacturers, of delays for indefinite periods. Developers face the same problem.

PV prices have surge amid the extraordinary conditions making it extremely tricky, if not impossible, for Chinese manufacturers to price their products.

The energy crisis in China has forced the government to impose electricity consumption limits on industrial producers, which has hampered their operating capacity.

In response, many large-scale PV producers in China have chosen to suspend their operations, deeming as unfeasible the prospect of producing for a limited number of hours per day.

Five of the country’s PV producers, Longi, Jinko, Trina, JA and Risen, have issued a joint statement noting that, under the current conditions, their output cannot exceed 70 percent of capacity.


Jinko maintains AA bank rating for 12th consecutive quarter

Jinko was named one of the most bankable companies in the PV Industry and the only supplier with AA-Ratings for 12 consecutive quarters, according to a PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings List provided by PV TECH.

Jinko, First Solar, LONGi and Canadian Solar were all named as top AA-Rated bankable PV module suppliers.

The ranking prepared by PV TECH enables investors, banks, project developers and EPCs to short-list potential suppliers during the initial stage of the overall module supplier selection process.

It is intended to provide clear guidance as to the financial and manufacturing (supply in particular) strengths and weaknesses of potential module suppliers, and crucially, how they benchmark relative to one another at present and over the past 12 to 18 months.