PPC threatens to cut supply to farmers behind on power bill payments

The main power utility PPC is threatening to cut power supply to farmers if long-standing unpaid receivables owed by related farming associations are not settled.

Power utility officials believe the accumulation of considerable amounts of debt owed by farmers in various parts of the country is not the result of an inability to pay but a deliberate choice.

If PPC follows through with its threat, farmers left without power will be forced to seek new suppliers or could continue being serviced by the power utility at an additional cost of 10 percent.

A total of 206 farming associations around Greece owe PPC 45.6 million euros, according to data provided by the power utility. Farming associations have agreed to payback program, through monthly installments, for 7 million euros of this total amount, according to the data.

Commenting on the issue yesterday, PPC boss Manolis Panagiotakis noted that over 20 percent of this debt figure is owed by farming associations in the Etoloakarnania region, northwestern Greece.