Italgas’ DEPA Infrastructure deal to be finalized late March

The sale of gas company DEPA Infrastructure, acquired by Italgas, Italy’s biggest natural gas distribution company and the third largest in Europe, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of the year, energypress sources closely monitoring the procedure have informed.

Final sale procedures will have been completed towards the end of March, enabling Italgas to make its payment, an amount of 733 million euros, the sources noted.

The competition committee needs to approve the sales and purchase agreement, signed between the buyer and two sellers, privatization fund TAIPED and Hellenic Petroleum ELPE, on December 10, 2021.

RAE, Greece’s Regulatory Authority for Energy, also needs to issue necessary certification for the acquisition, but the competition committee’s approval is a prerequisite for this stage.

The acquisition will be fully completed once Italgas also purchases purchase gas distributor EDA THESS’s 49 percent stake held by Italy’s Eni gas e Luce, wanting to sell. This follow-up purchase of the EDA THESS stake has been set as a condition for Italgas, the winning bidder.

DEPA Infrastructure, EDA THESS’s parent company, holds a 51 percent stake in the gas distributor covering the Thessaloniki and Thessaly areas, while Eni gas e Luce, holds 49 percent.

The overall sum expected to be spent by Italgas for DEPA Infrastructure and EDA THESS’s 49 percent stake is expected to reach 940 million euros.

Then, Copelouzos group subsidiary Faethon is expected to enter DEPA Infrastructure with a stake seen ranging between 10 and 20 percent

Italgas and the Copelouzos group had reached a related agreement on this minority-stake arrangement prior to the DEPA Infrastructure tender.

Copelouzos group enters DEPA Infrastucture alongside Italgas

The Copelouzos Group is set to acquire a minor stake in Italgas’ 100 percent acquisition of DEPA Infrastructure, to be completed tomorrow when Italgas is expected to sign a final agreement with Greek privatization fund TAIPED.

The Copelouzos Group is expected to acquire a stake of between 10 and 20 percent in DEPA Infrastructure through Faethon, a group company controlled by family member Elmina Copelouzou.

The Copelouzos Group and Italgas had reached an agreement on this partnership while the DEPA Infrastructure tender was still in progress.

The total value of the DEPA Infrastructure acquisition by Italgas is worth 940 million euros, making it one of the biggest deals reached in Greece in recent years.

The 100 percent privatization of DEPA Infrastructure comprises 100 percent of gas distributor EDA Attiki, covering the wider Athens area; 100 percent of gas distributor DEDA, representing all other areas in Greece except for Thessaloniki and Thessaly; as well as a 51 percent stake in gas distributor EDA THESS, covering the Thessaloniki and Thessaly areas.

As its next step, Italgas will also buy the remaining 49 percent of EDA THESS following a decision by Eni Gas e Luce to sell this stake.