EDA THESS: World Environment Day

At the core of EDA THESS development strategy lies the implementation of best practices, in full compliance with the principles of Sustainable Development that are expanded to the whole range of its activities. The Company aims to offer added value to all stakeholders while saving energy resources for the next generations.

Throughout its operation, the Company has highly contributed to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the development of the natural gas market, the increasing penetration – reaching today 64% penetration in the population of the License areas – and the progressively increasing distribution volumes.


On the occasion of the World Environment Day, an event was held in collaboration with the Municipal Authority of Thessaloniki. The key message conveyed during the event was that the extended use of natural gas highly contributes to the reduction of emitted pollutants.

As the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr Leonidas Bakouras, stated: “Natural gas is showing its potential as it is the dominant transition fuel to achieve decarbonization and it decisively contributes to the objectives set for Energy and Climate by the State. We join our forces, and with a sense of responsibility, we are building a better environment for a sustainable future.

We keep on implementing the development program, in the light of the urgent need to protect the planet, investing in our digital transformation and in technologies that will enable energy transition and will contribute to the net – zero goal.”

In his speech, the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Konstantinos Zervas, stated:

“The Municipality of Thessaloniki is actively celebrating the World Environment Day. Thessaloniki is the capital of natural gas use. From now on, thanks to sophisticated urban equipment, there will be available data on the air quality of our city, which seems to better than ever”.


Within the same context, the World Environment Day was celebrated in Thessaly in the presence of the Mayor of Larissa, Mr. Apostolos Kalogiannis and the Governor of the Region of Thessaly, Mr. Konstantinos Agorastos, promoting respect for the environment.

The General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr Leonidas Bakouras, stated that “We are hosting this event in collaboration with the Municipal Authority since for EDA THESS, the respect and protection of the environment are two of the main strategic pillars leading to the protection and the reasonable management of resources.

In this context, we have declared the year 2021 as the Year of the ENVIRONMENT, to strengthen the ecological awareness of the citizens and improve quality of life.

EDA THESS is dynamically implementing its ambitious Development Program aiming at the further penetration of natural gas in the areas of License, which will lead to additional reduction in pollutant emissions”.

In his speech, the Governor of the Region of Thessaly, Mr. Konstantinos Agorastos, stated: «On the occasion of the World Environment Day, I would like to underline our successful cooperation with the Gas Distribution Company for the implementation of subsidized programs to incentivize our citizens to transit to the use of natural gas, reduce the heating cost and improve their environmental footprint”.

On his part, the Mayor of Larissa, Mr. Apostolos Kalogiannis, noted:

We are celebrating this day as 77% of our citizens and all municipal buildings and schools in Larissa are supplied with natural gas, which plays a decisive role in the improvement of the city’s air quality. We are cooperating with the Company to increase the percentage of citizens using natural gas, so that the penetration rate reaches even 100%.

EDA THESS honored the World Environment Day in its areas of license, as the General Manager stresses “the implementation of our development strategy is practically contributing to resource saving, to the enhancement of energy efficiency and to the reduction of the environmental impact”.