Green aggregators emerging in preparation for new market era

News of a license application submitted by the Mytilineos corporate group to represent RES producers for 500 MW is indicative of the energy aggregation trend that is expected to grow over the next few years.

Mytilineos is the Greek market’s second major player to have become active in renewable energy aggregation following the establishment last year of Optimus Energy, a venture involving Terna Energy, the country’s biggest green energy player.

Energy aggregation will enable a group of companies or local institutions to partner together to buy energy from a single developer, or multiple developers, at smaller volumes while retaining the economic advantages of a high-volume purchase.

In essence, Terna, Mytilineos, as well as other players expected to follow, are preparing for a new era in the energy sector that will enable RES production units to participate in the competitive market without support systems, subsidies or priorities.

Current RES auctions are transitional, until 2020, when the market’s new model is expected to be fully operational.