Opportunities not lacking in Greek crisis, Enerdia official explains

The strengths of Enerdia, a company enjoying robust results in the construction and maintenance of renewable energy facilities, despite Greece’s ongoing recession, were underlined by the enterprise’s sales manager Tasos Stamatellos in an interview with energypress.

“Opportunities always exist for those interested in seeing them,” Stamatellos noted while elaborating on Enerdia’s impressive and innovative course pursued over the past five years, which has led to a portfolio comprised of wind farm and photovoltaic projects.

By offering support to investors from the very first steps of prospective ventures all the way to future needs, Enerdia has established itself as a reliable partner for major energy-sector investors.

“Our mission is to establish ourselves in the market as a unique company that stands by investors from the onset of any investment all the way to future needs that may arise, and not limit ourselves to services offered by our rivals,” Stamatellos remarked.

The passion and dedication poured into projects by the experienced Enerdia team has led to significant and enduring partnerships with some of the world’s biggest RES companies, Stamatellos pointed out when asked to explain how the company has managed to go against the negative tide experienced by the RES sector, which has shrunk and led to many business closures over the past few years.

The Enerdia official said the company has managed to develop RES projects representing a total capacity of 41 MW over the past five years; assume the operation and maintenance of units with a total capacity of 60 MW; and offer asset management services to projects with a total capacity of over 31 MW.

“We believe that the climate for Greece’s renewable energy market is beginning to improve and – with the support of agencies and enterprises active in the sector – potential exists for the establishment of appropriate terms and conditions, as long as mistakes of the past are not repeated,” Stamatellos responded when asked to comment on whether he could see any rebound for the sector.

The Enerdia official expressed confidence that Greek enterprises possess the ability to export RES knowhow.

Commenting on Enerdia’s objectives, Stamatellos stressed that the aim is for the company to grow along with its clients, not alone. “Enerdia will certainly be present in the energy market in the future, as it is being shaped in Greece and abroad,” Stamatellos noted. “We are working methodically at achieving this.”