Ministry working on Electra program for public building upgrades

Besides its preparatory work for the next edition of the Saving at Home program subsidizing energy efficiency upgrades of homes, the energy ministry is also moving ahead with its Electra program, designed to subsidize upgrades of public buildings.

The Electra program, worth 500 million euros, will aim to provide energy savings totaling 230,000 MWh by 2025 as result of energy efficiency upgrades to public buildings.

Energy ministry officials aim to announce the Electra program’s details within the next two months so that interested eligible parties can begin preparing their applications.

Public office buildings, hospitals, medical clinics, schools and other education institutions, cultural centers, sport facilities, as well as care centers for the elderly, underprivileged and children will all be eligible for Electra program upgrade subsidies.

Buildings will need to be used at least eight months per year to be eligible for the program, according to one of the prerequisites expected to be set.

The Electra program will remain open for applicants until all its available funds have been absorbed.