PV proposal for Egnatia Odos highway fails feasibility test

A plan proposed last summer by Stergios Pitsiorlas, the former boss of TAIPED, the state privatization fund, for the installation of solar panels alongside Egnatia Odos, the highway running across Greece’s north, as a means of  reducing the project’s energy costs ahead of its privatization, has failed a feasibility test and will not be implemented.

Pitsiorlas extended the proposal last July, believing it would make the project more appealing for prospective investors as the highway’s energy costs would be significantly reduced from the current annual amount of 5 million euros.

A feasibility study conducted by TAIPED concluded that the installation of solar panels along the 800-kilometer highway stretch was not sustainable.

Investors eyeing the highway’s privatization are focusing their concerns on the number of road tolls and their positions, not the project’s energy costs.