KEN partnership with Cyta looking at Crete market and beyond

Emerging independent electricity supplier KEN, seeking to broaden its customer base, has reached an agreement with Cypriot telecommunications firm Cyta for the provision of services through the latter’s retail network around Greece, energypress sources have informed.

KEN, which, according to retail electricity market data for March, held a 0.03 percent market share, small but triple February’s level, has already launched a nationwide promotional campaign in support of its market entry.

The KEN-Cyta collaboration is expected to be launched soon. Besides offering KEN services through Cyta outlets, the partnership will also include combined energy and telecommunication packages.

Combined packages are expected to play a key role in KEN’s growth objectives. A number of electricity suppliers have already forged such partnerships with telephony companies.

Though unanticipated, the collaboration established KEN and Cyta was not a sudden development. KEN’s managing director Yiannis Kounalakis held a post as sales manager at Cyta for the Cretan market prior to taking on the helm at KEN late in 2016. Cyta maintains a broad customer base in Crete and is one of this regional market’s key telephony players.

KEN does not intend to limit its aspirations to the Cretan market. The electricity supplier is looking to gain a respectable share of the Greek electricity market.

A member of the Karatzis corporate group, KEN plans to make significant investments in the energy sector in 2017, group officials informed during a presentation of financial results.

The group aims to further expand its Greek retail network through franchise deals, while a plan for an entry into the natural gas market is also being developed.