RAE gas sector revisions praised at CESEC meeting

European Commission officials have praised regulatory revisions being carried out by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, for the natural gas sector, while also stressing the importance for quick transition periods.

The favorable comments were offered at the latest Brussels meeting held by the Central and South-Eastern European Gas Connectivity Group (CESEC), focused on ensuring natural gas supply security through the diversification of sources and routes, avoidance of market distortions, as well as further development of interconnection projects and energy hubs in the region.

Participants at the meeting provided updates on the progress of prospective projects such as the Greek-Bulgarian IGB interconnection project; an interconnection to link Bulgaria and Serbia; the floating LNG terminal plan for Alexandroupoli, northeastern Greece; an LNG terminal station in Croatia; as well as the reinforcement of gas transporation systems in Bulgaria and Romania.

Nektaria Karakatsani, a RAE board member, made reference to the regulatory and structural developments taking place in Greece, their aim being to intensify competition and gradually allign the country with EU sector regulations.