PPC up against three big funds for Enel Romania acquisition

Power utility PPC is up against strong competition from three major funds handling capital worth hundreds of billions of euros for the acquisition of Enel Romania, a subsidiary of the major Italian energy group Enel, sources have informed.

Enel Romania has been placed for sale as its parent company wants to reduce its net debt figure.

PPC has been scouring neighboring markets for almost a year now, looking for opportunities to expand beyond Greece and establish a geostrategic position in the region.

The southeast European energy market is attracting major international investment interest as Balkan countries have plenty of potential for RES growth and also promise to serve as a new energy corridor in Europe.

Canadian fund Brookfield, handling over 750 billion euros in capital and globally present with investments in renewables, infrastructure, real estate and social security funds, is believed to be one of the funds PPC is up against for Enel Romania.

The UK’s Amber Infrastructure, handling over 10 billion euros in capital, primarily in infrastructure, has been named as another potential buyer of Enel Romania.

Enel’s debt figure surged to 70 billion euros in September following energy crisis measures taken by the Italian government, an extraordinary tax, and increased natural gas orders for coverage of customer needs.

Enel aims to cut its debt by roughly 21 billion euros through the sale of assets in countries such as Romania, Argentina and Peru.


Argentina oil, gas energy online summit planned for May 12

IN-VR is organizing the ​Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit under the Endorsement of the British Argentine Chamber of Commerce, taking place completely online on May 12, 2020.

The event, gathering key authorities and investors, will focus on Argentina’s plans in the current oil price landscape, the COVID-19 impact on the market, Vaca Muerta, one of the largest shale formations in the world, and Argentina’s LNG plans.

The summit will gather government officials, key IOCs, investors and service providers that will discuss these topics and network with attendees online in sessions and private B2B meeting rooms.

All profits from tickets will be donated to ​NGOs and charities that support doctors combating the coronavirus and groups most affected in Argentina​.

Key topics on the agenda: 

● How will the current oil price landscape affect Argentina?
● How will the coronavirus affect Argentina?
● Argentina’s shale oil government policies
● Identifying E&P opportunities in Vaca Muerta
● Service provider opportunities in Vaca Muerta
● Argentina’s future plans for LNG
● What are the best companies to partner with in Argentina?
● Q&A: How do foreign investors view Argentina’s oil & gas industry?
● Human resources needs in Vaca Muerta and Argentina.


● Daniel Dreizzen, ​Former Secretary of Energy Planning, Argentina
● Jimena Blanco, Head of Americas, ​Maplecroft
● Gabriela Aguilar, General Manager, ​Excelerate
● Diego Garcia, Partner, ​Bain
● Claudio Spurkel, Global Sales Business Development Manager, ​Agira
● Mark LaCour, Oil & Gas Expert & Editor in Chief, ​Oil and Gas Global Network

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Date revision for Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit in July

International oil, gas and energy companies will be gathering at the Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit, an event staged by the Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional (AAICI) and scheduled for July 10-11, 2019.

The event’s organizers have revised the summit’s initial dates, which had also included July 12.

For the first time, AAICI will present onshore and offshore updates for Argentina, Latin America’s leading shale oil & gas producer, and opportunities for independent oil, gas and energy companies.

The summit will focus on Argentina’s plans, sharing important updates for the Argentinian hydrocarbons and energy industries. With more exploration and production projects on the way, the need for new partners is higher than ever, AAICI highlighted in a statement.

Argentina’s main operators will provide updates, discuss future plans and partnership opportunities while networking with the region’s key players.

The Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit speakers include: Francisco Uranga, General Director, Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional; Martin Mandarano, Ceo, YPF Luz; Dr Erico Spinadel, Presidente, AAEE Ldo; Mauricio Roitman, Presidente, Enargas; Niccola Melchiotti, Country Manager, Enel; and Alejandro Lew, CEO, 360º Energy.

The event is an ideal opportunity for oil, gas and energy companies (exploration and production), consultants, seismic, drilling and other service companies to have in-depth discussions and one-to-one private meetings with AAICI and Argentina’s main operators.

The focus will be on current exploration opportunities, geology, legislation, midstream and licensing updates in Argentina, as well as updates on the country’s attractive investment renewable energy environment.

For further information visit: https://www.argentina-summit.com/

Or contact: felix@in-vr.co