Farmers face regional PV capacity installation limits

A catalog setting and listing solar energy capacity installation limits by the region throughout Greece for farmers is set to be delivered by the energy and agricultural ministries through a joint ministerial decision.

This initiative is a follow-up to an energy sector law ratified and published in December, enabling farmers equipped with photovoltaic systems of up to 1 MW for agricultural use to take up one percent of land rated as high-productivity land per region.

The joint ministerial decision is expected to fine-tune terms for the establishment of a catalog clarifying permitted MW installations by the region. The initiative will include a clearer inspection system.

Restrictions will be imposed regarding the types of cultivation that will be permitted to switch to PV production.

Conversions of certain farming categories to solar energy farming, primarily tree-based cultivation, for example, cherry and orange production, will not be permitted. The agriculture ministry played a key role in shaping this part of the overall initiative.