Aerio Thessalonikis-Thessalias planning power market entry

Aerio Thessalonikis-Thessalias, the Thessaloniki-Thessaly gas supply company currently covering the heating and hot water needs of over 340,000 households and 8,000 businesses, making it the country’s second-biggest energy supplier following PPC, the main power utility, is preparing to enter Greece’s electricity market within the current year.

Officials at the company are currently working on setting a pricing policy and commercial strategy for its entry into the electricty market.

Established last January, Aerio Thessalonikis-Thessalias was recently issued a 20-year operating licence by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, to supply 350 MW per year.

The company appears determined to make an impact in the local energy market as a supplier of complete energy packages offering combined electricity and natural gas supply services.

Aerio Thessalonikis-Thessalias is looking to capitalize on its existing natural gas clientele.

The knowhow possessed by Italy’s ENI, which holds a 49 percent managerial stake in Aerio Thessalonikis-Thessalias, in the neighboring Italian market is expected to prove pivotal in its attempt to further penetrate the local energy market.