Date revision for Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit in July

International oil, gas and energy companies will be gathering at the Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit, an event staged by the Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional (AAICI) and scheduled for July 10-11, 2019.

The event’s organizers have revised the summit’s initial dates, which had also included July 12.

For the first time, AAICI will present onshore and offshore updates for Argentina, Latin America’s leading shale oil & gas producer, and opportunities for independent oil, gas and energy companies.

The summit will focus on Argentina’s plans, sharing important updates for the Argentinian hydrocarbons and energy industries. With more exploration and production projects on the way, the need for new partners is higher than ever, AAICI highlighted in a statement.

Argentina’s main operators will provide updates, discuss future plans and partnership opportunities while networking with the region’s key players.

The Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit speakers include: Francisco Uranga, General Director, Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional; Martin Mandarano, Ceo, YPF Luz; Dr Erico Spinadel, Presidente, AAEE Ldo; Mauricio Roitman, Presidente, Enargas; Niccola Melchiotti, Country Manager, Enel; and Alejandro Lew, CEO, 360º Energy.

The event is an ideal opportunity for oil, gas and energy companies (exploration and production), consultants, seismic, drilling and other service companies to have in-depth discussions and one-to-one private meetings with AAICI and Argentina’s main operators.

The focus will be on current exploration opportunities, geology, legislation, midstream and licensing updates in Argentina, as well as updates on the country’s attractive investment renewable energy environment.

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