SYRIZA stresses need for lower bank charges

Main opposition SYRIZA on Tuesday stressed the need for banks to reduce their charges for bank and interbank transactions, in a question submitted to parliament by 42 of its deputies, headed by Nikos Pappas.

“Although banks are urging the public to limit their visits to bank branches and to prefer web banking or ATM transactions, there has been no downward adjustment of charges, such as those for the issue/re-issue of credit and debit cards, or fees for the payment of public utility bills through web or mobile banking,” the deputies pointed out.

They added that immediate action is needed by the state, as “these are extraordinary conditions for society and businesses, with 1.7 million workers living on a special monthly allowance of 533 euros, instead of their normal salary, 800,000 businesses impacted and 700,000 freelance workers and self-employed already facing great difficulties.”