Auto fuel subsidies, grants in support package worth €1.1bn

A latest energy-crisis support package, worth a total of 1.1 billion euros, will offer consumers auto fuel subsidies of at least 15 to 20 cents per liter for up to 60 liters of fuel per month, an extraordinary allowance for lower-income individuals to average up to 300 euros, as well as 60-euro electricity subsidies for March.

An income-limit criterion of 30,000 euros will need to be met for auto fuel subsidies, while the income criterion for the extraordinary allowance is expected to be set at a lower level.

As has been the case with electricity subsidies until now, consumers will not need to meet any criteria to become eligible for this part of the support package.

Individuals seeking auto fuel subsidies will need to submit applications to a finance ministry-linked online platform so that authorities can check on vehicle ownership and income levels of applicants.

The full details of the package are expected to be announced by government officials early today.

At least half of the support package’s 1.1-billion euro sum will be covered by Energy Transition Fund money, while the rest will stem from the state budget.