Suppliers’ cross-checking debt system within first half of 2023

Electricity suppliers are preparing a collective cross-checking debt system for consumers in an effort to prevent further increases in energy debt created by customers switching suppliers and leaving behind unpaid electricity bills.

These customers with arrears are managing to avoid power supply cuts at their properties despite not having settled energy bills with previous suppliers.

The cross-checking system to be applied in the energy sector will be similar to one adopted by the telecommunications sector. A data base will be created, listing consumers with arrears and their overdue energy-bill amounts.

Electricity suppliers involved in the new system’s development estimate that it is still months away from being completed and launched but believe it will be ready for use within the first half of 2023.

The process to establish this new platform is time-consuming as, besides the IT required, approval is also needed from agencies such as the personal data protection authority.

Some suppliers have reported that up to 40 percent of their unpaid receivables have been created by customers switching from one supplier to another.