Subsidy package enhanced for roof-mounted PVs with storage

A subsidy package supporting roof-mounted solar panel installations with energy storage units, whose terms and conditions were announced yesterday, has been enhanced on a number of fronts.

The capacity limit for solar panel installations eligible for this support program has been raised to 10.8 kW from 7 kW. Also, besides households, the package will also be offered to farmers. This latter category’s inclusion into the program had been in doubt over beliefs that funding availability was insufficient. However, the subsidy package’s budget has now been boosted to 200 million euros from a previously reported total of 150 million euros.

The support program’s increased budget was bound to happen as 35 million euros would have been required for low-income families, while a 10 percent subsidy bonus was also added to the offering for persons with disabilities, single-parent families and multi-member families.

Authorities were prompted to deliver a more generous support package as a result of strong interest expressed by prospective applicants.

The capacity limit boost, to 10.8 kW per roof-mounted solar panel installation, also required a capacity lift for incorporated energy storage units, from 7 kW to 10 kW.

Households stand to receive subsidies covering as much as 75 percent of the cost of roof-mounted solar panel installations with energy storage units, while farmers will be subsidized for up to 60 percent of their cost.

This means households stand to qualify for subsidies worth as much as 16,000 euros and the package’s support for farmers may reach 10,000 euros.