Energy storage subsidies in tenders ensuring dispersion

Standalone battery projects will face capacity limits of 100 MW in tenders offering investment and operational support for portfolios carrying such projects, the objective being to avoid exhausting capacities on offer with a small number of projects and ensure standalone battery projects are dispersed at various points around the grid.

According to energypress sources, limits will be set on the number of standalone battery projects that investors can submit to tenders as a means of ensuring competitive conditions for these units in wholesale markets.

In addition, companies and their subsidiaries participating in these tenders for energy storage investment and operational support will not be able to submit project plans exceeding 25 percent of total capacities being contested.

The terms for these tenders will ensure subsidy qualification for at least nine standalone battery investment projects. Also, projects eligible for this support program will need to belong to a minimum of four corporations.

As is the case with RES auctions, investors taking part in energy storage capacity auctions will need to register project plans representing a total capacity that is one-and-a-half times over the capacity being offered. If lower limits are not met, then capacities on offer will be revised downwards.