Southeast Europe’s gas sector seen gaining broader prominence

A large number of regional gas projects will be developed and lead to an upgrade of southeast Europe’s role on a wider scale, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG), an association of Europe’s transmission system operators (TSOs), has noted in its latest report.

Less favorably, the ENTSOG report also notes that various other projects, such as interconnections to facilitate Europe’s north-south and east-west corridors, are currently clouded by uncertainty.

As for Greece, the new Gas Regional Investment Plan (GRIP) includes many projects that were also listed in the preceding edition, such as an LNG terminal upgrade at Revythoussa, an islet just off Athens; the TAP project; a new LNG terminal in Alexandroupoli, northeastern Greece; the East Med pipeline; and development of a south Kavala gas storage facility in the country’s north.

The GRIP list also includes new additions such as various compressor stations around the country’s network; a pipeline route to Fyrom (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia); as well as Tesla, the possible continuation of the “Turkish Stream” project.

On the contrary, an older DEPA (Public Gas Corporation) plan concerning the development of Aegean LNG, a terminal in Kavala, is no longer on the GRIP list.

The ENTSOG report notes that Greece and eight regional countries represent 25 percent of gas demand in Europe. This figure is expected to increase to 27 percent over the next decade as gas market sizes and penetration levels increase, according to the report.

The association’s report also forecasts that gas-fueled electricity generation will make gains over the next ten years in southeast Europe’s energy mix.

Greece’s RES sector is expected to grow and provide 32 percent of electricity output by 2027, the ENTSOG report forecast, adding that local gas demand over the next decade will experience a decline for power generation purposes and an increase in the household, commercial and industrial sectors.