Smart network development to dominate Enedis, DEDDIE talks today

Leading officials of French electric grid operator Enedis, a subsidiary of French electric utilty EDF, are scheduled to meet today with the chief of HEDNO, Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator SA, in Athens for a session to be dominated by the prospects of digital technology development in electricity networks.

Though the meeting coincides with President Emmanuel Macron’s official two-day visit to Greece, concluding today, it had been arranged prior to the official announcement of this trip by the French leader.

Christian Buchel, the deputy at Enedis, and other company officials will meet with HEDNO president Nikos Hatziargyriou.

A major player in its field, Enedis operates low and medium-voltage networks measuring over 1.3 million kilometers and employs approximately 35,000 persons.

The global development of “smart” digital systems in the electricity networks field is expected to constitute a key part of the talks between Buchel, Hatziargyriou and other officials. The two sides will discuss the prospect of working together for development in this sector.

The use of digital technology systems for electricity networks is widely seen as necessary for the improvement of network management, optimal incorporation and penetration of RES systems, better overall efficiency and more active consumer roles.

Besides his deputy role at Enedis, Buchel is also president of the European Distribution System Operators’ Association for Smart Grids, supporting the development of smart networks. HEDNO, locally acronymed DEDDIE, is also a member of this assoication.