Smart meter 6-year installation plan forwarded for public consultation

Details of a DEDDIE/HEDNO distribution network operator project for the replacement of parent company power utility PPC’s old power meters around the country with digital meters have been included in a five-year, 2.3 billion-euro development plan prepared by the operator, just forwarded for public consultation.

The operator’s power meter upgrade, a project budgeted at 850 million euros and expected to require six years for completion, is expected to draw from the EU recovery fund.

The project will entail procurement and installation of 7.5 million smart meters for low-voltage consumers nationwide, as well as their inclusion in a new telemetric center with a capacity to host 8 million points.

Consumers stand to benefit from smart meters as the digital technology of these systems will enable monitoring of electricity consumption patterns and levels through home devices or web applications. As a result, consumers will be able to shift energy-intensive practices to lower-cost time zones.

Electricity suppliers will also gain from the conversion to smart meters as these new systems will permit suppliers to shape demand-based pricing policies, offering flexibility to consumers for more competitive packages.