Small-scale RES units to continue securing non-auction tariffs in ‘23

Small-scale solar energy facilities with capacities of up to 500 KW and wind farms with capacities of up to 6 MW will be able to continue securing tariffs without competitive procedures in 2023, according to a new energy ministry draft bill forwarded for consultation last Friday.

Small-scale solar energy facilities will be able to secure tariffs through non-competitive procedures until December 31, while solar energy facilities that are part of energy communities will be able to do so until September 30.

Small-scale wind farms will be able to secure tariffs through non-auction procedures until December 31, 2024, according to the draft bill.

It also includes a section designed to filter out RES projects that have remained stagnant for years and are occupying needed grid capacity. This revision will concern RES projects that have received finalized connection terms up to July 4, 2022. They will be set deadlines.