Simpler RES license revision procedure sought by authorities

A special committee tasked with simplifying RES licensing procedures is working on a measure that would enable revisions to renewable investment project plans already granted production licenses. A solution enabling quick online revisions is being considered.

The committee, formed recently by the energy ministry, has already taken action on other RES project licensing fronts, including replacing production licenses with far swifter online certification.

The latest move, to enable revisions to existing production licenses, is particularly crucial for the wind energy sub-sector as considerable delays in the investment maturity process often lead to a need for revisions to existing permits so that technological developments can be fully utilized.

This is a vital detail for investors who, for example, may want to install fewer wind turbines of upgraded technology and performance for the same capacity level.

Flexibility on such issues would lower electricity production costs and support the government’s RES objectives, investors have noted.

The energy ministry appears determined to promote a solution – for revisions to existing production licenses – that is far more drastic than a related proposal made by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy.