Sharp heating fuel sales increase registered in 2015

Data just released on the country’s fuel sales for 2015 have shown a slight decline in auto fuel consumption, down by 46,712 tons compared to the previous year, while heating fuel registered an impressive 43 percent year-on-year increase. Consumption in the heating fuel category increased by 417,210 tons compared to 2014.

Overall fuel sales increased by six percent as a result of the considerable rise in heating fuel demand.

Unleaded auto fuel sales continued to drop amid the ongoing Greek recession. It is believed that the lower prices offered in 2015 helped restrict the decline experienced in the preceding years. A six percent decline in auto fuel sales had been registered in 2014. The drop was limited to three percent in 2015, for sales totaling 2.46 million tons.

On the contrary, auto diesel sales, which proved dynamic in 2014 to register an eight percent sales increase, ended up losing momentum in 2015. Despite the lower prices offered, auto diesel sales increased by just two percent in 2015, to 2.51 million tons.

Heating fuel sales figures definitely provided the sector’s brightest news for the year. The 43 percent sales increase took total heating fuel sales to 1.39 million tons in 2015 from 971,454 tons in 2014.

Early fuel sales data for 2016 indicate that the year has begun slowly with subdued sales figures in all product categories.