Samaras: SYRIZA is “an accident waiting to happen”

Greek people should fight populism and not vote for the main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA), Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said in a campaign speech in western Greece on Monday, which is not a political adversary but more of “an accident” that must not happen to Greece.

According to AMNA, in a speech attacking SYRIZA at Ioannina, Samaras spoke of the conflicting views of top officials, indecision about the party΄s stance with the EU and its policy of “favouring granting citizenship to illegals.”

“Party officials have informed us that their main weapon is suspension of payments: in other words, bankcruptcy – a great negotiating tactic! Another announced Greece΄s immediate exit from NATO and a third one asked for a referendum,” the prime minister said. “You cannot ask Europe for money and not follow its practices,” he noted.

Samaras also referred to his attendance of a march of state leaders in Paris on Sunday to protest terrorism, saying that the march was in support of a Europe that was secure and safe, above and beyond religions, “a Europe that is thinking again about issues of respect of principles and values which everyone must respect. In this Europe, those who want to open borders and grant citizenship to every illegal, instead of controlling (the borders), are like flies in the ointment.”

Soon, he said, SYRIZA “will want jails without bars, courts without prosecutors. A government must protect its citizens, their right to circulate freely, and yesterday (Sunday) in Paris they shouted loud and clear ΄We are not afraid΄. What planet does SYRIZA live on, doesn΄t it see what΄s happening in the rest of the world?… SYRIZA is an accident that must not happen.”

Greece is very close to “breaking up the past of populism and statism,” he said, and asserted “the country is very near to the best and very near to the worst” on election day, when “every single vote counts.”