Samaras: Greece and New Democracy will win on Sunday

Greece and New Democracy will win on Sunday’s elections, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on Wednesday, speaking at the party’s main election rally at “Vellidis” conference centre in Thessaloniki. 

According to AMNA, Samaras attacked main opposition SYRIZA, saying it is trying to install a regime with a “North Korean prime minister”, after the party said it wants to place the financial crimes squad SDOE and any other independent body under the jurisdiction of the prime minister’s office.
The premier said SYRIZA scares away foreign investors with its behavior. It wants to abolish the exams for entrance into the civil service (ASEP), high security prisons, it wants to disarm police and the Coast Guard.  He said SYRIZA wants everything to be state-owned so that it can form its own “party army”. The opposition wants to cancel all large investments, like Cosco’s in Piraeus; it wants to impose new taxes at the Stock Exchange. “There’s no country in the world where nationalisations take place, except Venezuela and North Korea,” Samaras said. 

He also said that SYRIZA lies when it talks about a debt “haircut” because it knows it cannot be done. 

Concerning the unified property tax ENFIA, Samaras reiterated his pledge to slash it by 7 pct. Commenting on SYRIZA’s claims that it will abolish ENFIA and impose instead a tax on large property, the he said: “Every component group has its own version.” 

The leader of New Democracy also accused the opposition it plans to “lay its hand” on people’s bank deposits and “kill” the economy. 

Samaras reminded his audience that it was SYRIZA who dragged Greece to elections in order to stop the country from exiting the bailout. “With New Democracy’s win on Sunday, on Monday the ‘cloud of uncertainty’ hanging over the country will be lifted, and all the necessary agreements will be made to allow Greece to exit the memorandum.”