Samaras in Brussels for EU Summit

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Thursday and Friday will visit Brussels to participate in the EU summit.

According to AMNA, the agenda of the EU summit includes the EU Commission chief Jean Claude Juncker΄s 315 billion euro investment plan as well as developments in Ukraine and relations with Russia. Samaras will be in favour of speeding up procedures regarding Juncker΄s investment package so as to boost EU growth. Regarding Ukraine, the Greek government is also firmly in favour of actions that will defuse tension and normalize relations with Russia in the framework of the EU rules.

Although the Greek issue is not included in the agenda, it is more than certain that it will be discussed on the sidelines of the summit or in meetings between the prime minister and his counterparts or other officials.

Samaras is expected to reassure his partners that his intention is to maintain political stability in the country and that this is secured with the election of a President of the Republic. He will also express his optimism that Greek deputies are aware of the fact that the country cannot get involved in a political adventure. The Greek government expects the European partners΄ solidarity in the sense of supporting the country΄s political stability so that the troika΄s current review will be concluded, the agreement for the next day will be wrapped up and the report on the Greek debt sustainability can be put forward.

At 13.00, the prime minister will participate in a meeting of the European People΄s Party.

Samaras is accompanied by Government spokeswoman Sofia Voultepsi, Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis, Development Minister Costas Skrekas and his advisor Stavros Papastavrou.