Samaras accuses SYRIZA of “abandoning the sure path and chasing chimeras”

Whoever loves Greece wants the new government to succeed, the leader of the main opposition party New Democracy (ND) said on Tuesday, during a parliamentary debate on the government’s policy statements, AMNA reported.

“Whoever loves his country wants the new government to succeed. But we won’t allow you to jeopardize the country’s future and its European path,” Antonis Samaras told MPs and expressed his fear that the country is entering the stranglehold of economic isolation.
The leader of ND accused SYRIZA of not having a programme and that despite finding strong foundations by the government of New Democracy, it is now placing Greece in great danger. He noted ND will support every policy which is in the right direction but will not let the country be destroyed.  
“You are lecturing us on debt negotiations. You are abandoning the sure path and you chase chimeras,” Samaras said, adding that while SYRIZA voted against everything when it was in the opposition, it now says 70 pct of the reforms were correct. 

Samaras elicited the smiles of several MPs when he commented on the government’s proposal to its lenders for perpetual government bonds: “Wow!” he exclaimed, borrowing the word from Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. 

He continued by saying his party will not undermine the government, like SYRIZA did in every chance it got, but wondered if they are considering holding a referendum, saying that “it took us a year to dispel the ghost of the drachma, when George Papandreou mentioned a referendum.” 

Samaras also noted that a significant chunk of the population wants answers on how Greece will remain in the euro if we don’t repay our obligations. “You invited us to support you. We will do it. As long as your compass isn’t pointing at the rocks. There is something worse than a U-turn. Crashing the country against the rocks,” he said.