Net metering applications for roof-mounted PVs restarted

Distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO’s information system accepting net-metering applications for solar panels with capacities of up to 10 KW was relaunched last week following a three-week break for revisions and, according to energypress sources, has so far attracted over 650 grid connection applications through a greatly simplified procedure.

Roughly one third of these applications concern small-scale photovoltaics with batteries. These 200 or so applications have presumably been submitted by consumers planning to be subsidized for their project plans as a new support program for roof-mounted solar panels only subsidizes projects incorporating energy storage systems.

The subsidy program concerning roof-mounted photovoltaics installed for net-metering purposes is expected to be launched in March, energy minister Kostas Skrekas told Greek Parliament’s Standing Committee on Production and Trade yesterday, during its examination of a multi-bill covering a wide range of energy-sector issues.

A launch of the subsidies program before March 25 is possible as its guidelines have been completed and are ready for publication, energypress sources noted.

The subsidy program for roof-mounted photovoltaics will also be open to projects that secured grid connections prior to its upcoming launch but are still not operating.

The energy minister, during yesterday’s parliamentary committee session, reiterated a total of 300,000 consumers – households, farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises – stand to receive subsidies for their roof-mounted photovoltaic projects through the support program.

A capacity upper limit on roof-mounted photovoltaics for households included in the subsidy program appears set to be revised upwards to 10 KW from 7 KW.