Revythoussa LNG terminal to prove ‘pivotal for Balkans in the future’

Greece’s LNG terminal in Revythoussa, an islet in the Saronic Gulf, close to Athens, to be upgraded with the addition of a third storage tank, promises to play a pivotal future role in the Balkans, Konstantinos Xifaras, chief executive of DESFA, the country’s gas grid operator, told an an energy conference in Athens today.

Xifaras, who delievered a speech at a conference organized by TEE, the Technical Chamber of Greece, titled “Energy Market: Unlocking Greece’s Economic Potential,” said the operator’s objective is for companies and consumers, alike, to enjoy the benefits offered by natural gas.

He said DESFA is offering its support for the expansion of LNG into the shipping sector by taking part in a related program named “Poseidon Med II”.

Xifaras also noted that the DESFA’s investments aspire to “provide oxygen for the Greek economy,” and effectively contribute to the country’s ecomomic recovery.