Revision in making for wider use of virtual net metering

The prospect of wider virtual net metering availability for RES self-producers, beyond certain vocational groups, is now imminent following yesterday’s public consultation launch by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, of a revised ministerial decision concerning the plan.

Virtual net metering links fragmented and scattered operations to just one electricity meter to offset the cost of electricity supplied by the power utility with electricity produced by self production for the grid.

Government officials have acknowleged that some business ventures and services have no choice but to be scattered as a result of a lack of space at just the one location.

Until now, virtual net metering has been limited to farmers and certain private and public operations offering public benefits. But the upcoming revision to regulations will allow for wider application, including municipalities, municipal enterprises and educational institutions. The revisions will also allow such operations to install photovoltaic systems at appropriate spaces, even if located at a distance from where electricity production is consumed.

Though still relatively restrictive, the latest revision paves the way for prospective wider application of the virtual net metering system, market officials noted.

In the case of many enterprises, such as hotels on islands, virtual net metering offers the only viable option for utilization of RES self-production as installing RES systems at traditional buildings, even entire settlements, can be complicated, to say the least.