New PPC payback plan seeks to stop exploitation by customers

Power utility PPC’s revised installment-based payback program for customers behind on electricity bill payments, to be announced by the utility later today, is designed to stop qualifiers from entering but not honoring the system’s monthly payment commitments.

Until now, PPC customers with arrears have been able to exploit the existing payback program to avoid electricity supply cuts by providing a qualifying deposit but not following up with most or all of the ensuing monthly installments. If ousted, customers have been able to swiftly requalify only to do the same. This has served as a time-wasting tactic at the cost of PPC.

Under the new terms, customers ousted from the payback system will still be able to requalify, but not until a long period has elapsed, energypress sources explained.

The terms of the new and revised PPC plan, part on an overall effort by the utility to boost its revenues, include 24 installments and a deposit of less than 40 percent.

The new payback plan represents a second step in PPC’s restructuring effort. The first, implemented in the summer, featured a package of support measures worth 490 million euros. An upcoming third step will concern PPC’s new commercial policy through the launch of new and appealing products.