Revised energy exchange spot markets on track for September

Greece’s energy exchange authorities are striving for spot market exchange platforms to be ready by September, for training purposes, ahead of a fully-functional launch of the exchange’s three spot markets – the intraday, balancing and day-ahead markets – by the end of the year.

A derivatives market is expected to be ready approximately two months later while, the third step of the overall procedure, expected within 2020, will entail electricity market coupling with regional markets, beginning with Italy.

The initial target dates of the target model, aiming for market coupling, or harmonization of EU wholesale markets, in order to unify energy markets, ended up being beyond reach, as certain authorities with know-how had warned, but the procedure’s revised dates now appear to be on track.

The new trading tools to be made available to investors through the energy exchange promise to offer investors elevated business risk control and safer investment development.