RES support framework changes in the making

An energy ministry working group focused on establishing a new support framework for the country’s renewable energy sources (RES) sector, to essentially revise payment methods and amounts for RES producers supplying the grid, must swiften its actions as an extended deadline is looming.

At this stage, it appears a further extension will be needed to avoid legal complexities concerning the current payment method for RES producers, which could be viewed as a form of illegal state aid as of 2016.

Last summer, as part of the country’s third bailout agreement, the Syriza-led coalition had committed itself to ratifying a new RES support framework, in line with EU environment and energy guidelines, by the end of the year before implementing it in 2016.

Objectives include setting tariffs for new small photovoltaic systems, up to 500 KW, that will offer fair yields to investors and reinvigorate the market without overheating it; applying feed-in premiums for wind-energy facilities and large-scale PV units that are suitable for the country’s current economic conditions; and establishing a support framework that is compatible with EU guidelines without, however, drastically changing investment conditions for projects deemed as being ready for construction.

An eight-member working group assembled by the energy ministry for the RES support framework project was officially announced yesterday but has been at work for some time now.

Greece was expected to have a new RES support framework ready by last July before the current deadline was extended until the end of this year.