RES sector offering crucial grid support throughout the day

Greece’s grid will be relying heavily on renewable energy output today as the RES sector stands to generate 41,633 MWh throughout the course of the day, covering 21.9 percent of total electricity demand.

The RES sector is expected to provide 2,995 MW at 2pm, covering approximately one third of electricity needs during this peak-hour zone.

Despite the high demand, the system marginal price (SMP), or wholesale electricity price, will, as a result, remain subdued at low levels of 53.1 euros per MWh.

Wind and solar energy facilities are expected to produce almost four times the electricity amount to be generated by the country’s hydropower units, severely impacted as a result of overusage last winter prompted by the energy crisis. Consequently, the country’s hydropower units are programmed to offer just 11,704 to the grid today.

Besides the RES sector’s contribution, virtually all of the main power utility PPC’s units – all five Agios Dimitrios units, Kardia I, II and III, Megalopoli III and IV, Amynteo II and Meliti – are programmed to feed the grid today to meet high demand. Amynteo I and Kardia IV have been sidelined by damages.

Natural gas-fueled power stations operated by PPC – Aliveri V, Megalopoli V, Komotini – as well as privately owned gas-fueled units run by Heron, Enthes, Thisvi, Protergia and Korinthos Power will also contribute to the overall effort. Most of the privately run units, except for Enthes, will feed the grid for limited periods during the day.