RES player Volterra entering low-voltage power supply market

Driven by its dynamic market presence as a renewable energy producer, especially wind-generated energy, Volterra, a member of the J&P Avax corporate group, is preparing to also enter the low-voltage electricity market for supply to the household and business sectors.

Volterra, whose retail electricity market presence is currently limited to 0.85 percent of the mid-voltage market, intends to move cautiously with this latest initiave, the company has noted. Upcoming legal and regulatory developments concerning Greece’s retail electricity market should prove crucial for Volterra’s market penetration bid.

The company, seeking to further boost its renewable energy profile, is pressing ahead with an investment plan aiming to increase Volterra’s installed RES capacity to 300 MW. A total capacity of 150 MW within the next three years is seen as an attainable intermediate target, according to Volterra.

Development of a 16-MW Volterra wind farm in Etoloakarnania, northwestern Greece, expected to begin operating next April, is now in progress.

A 54-MW wind farm in Viotia, slightly northwest of the wider Athens area, is planned to follow.

Development of a 108-MW wind farm project on the north Aegean island Samothrace, planned to include a 47 kilometer submarine cable for a mainland link, as well as an overland 15 kilometer cable offering a connection with Evros, on Greece’s northeastern tip, stands as Volterra’s most ambitious of its current RES projects.

Company officials are currently focused on preliminary work concerning the Samothrace project, including licensing, before construction work is launched.