RES output payments troubled by new system delay

Major delays in the implementation of a new renewable energy support system, requiring full coordination between various industry agencies, threaten to leave producers unpaid for their output.

The power grid operator IPTO and the energy exchange are among the bodies that need to introduce new systems and tools, but technical issues confronted along the way have severely delayed the process, whose launch has been scheduled for July 1, now seen as an impossible target.

The energy ministry has been fully informed on the matter and prepared a legislative amendment to offer a three-month extension. However, the execution of this act is now in doubt as a result of the government’s call, last weekend, for snap elections on July 7. Legislative activity is highly unlikely, if not impossible, in the lead up.

RES producers will not be able to be paid for their output as of July 1 if the new support system has not been implemented because of a resulting legal void.

Sensing the danger of this problem in the making, energy ministry officials are now seeking solutions, energypress sources informed.