RES operator upgrading systems to curb bureaucracy for investors

DAPEEP, the RES market operator, is introducing a series of operating upgrades with the aim of limiting bureaucratic obstacles and subsequent delays faced by renewable energy producers.

Forthcoming upgrades include automatic tax updates, certifying no pending tax payments, for parties interested in developing RES projects.

The operator, as of January 1, has already introduced an online signing procedure for RES contracts and their deliveries.

As a result, the time needed by the operator to sign new RES contracts through the digitized procedure has been slashed to a maximum of five days from an average time of 79 days recorded in September last year, when the operator’s current administration took over at DAPEEP.

In addition, a personalized profile system offering investors updates on their monthly RES production figures will soon be made available by the operator.

The operating upgrades were recently presented by DAPEEP’s chief executive Yiannis Giarentis during an online conference staged by POSPIEF, the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Photovoltaic Producer Societies.