DAPEEP contract suspensions only for new RES projects

A recent legislative revision made permitting RES investors to temporarily suspend project operating contracts with RES market operator DAPEEP for two years to enable direct market participation or PPAs for these projects specifically concerns, according to the energy ministry, new projects that have not been connected to the grid by the revision’s date of ratification.

RES producers, it has been underlined, will be entitled to make use of this temporary suspension just once, which, in practical terms, means they cannot put on hold operating contracts with the operator for a few months, reactivate them at a latter date and then suspend again.

DAPEEP, the RES market operator, has already prepared a related platform to accept requests by RES investors for two-year suspensions of operating contracts.

The operator intends to launch this platform as soon as it receives an official update from the energy ministry on technical details.