RES investors push for unpaid ‘development law’ subsidies

Renewable energy source (RES) project investors, supported by sector authorities, are pressing the Economy Ministry to demand swifter inspections by state officials on completed RES projects that have qualified for the “development law” – a series of incentives provided to domestic and foreign companies – as well as sector projects under construction, with the aim of collecting at least parts of subsidy amounts they are entitled to.

As part of the effort, RES sector representatives have requested to meet with Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Giorgos Stathakis, according to energypress sources.

Investors behind RES projects, especially wind-energy facilities, now completed and valid for “development law” incentives, have so far not received any payments they are entitled to. In addition, sizeable amounts provided in advance by these investors as guarantees have not been returned.

Also left out in the dark are unfinished RES projects, whose investors have not been able to continue without the promised support of state subsidies.

The delay has officially been attributed to pending inspections on RES projects by ministry officials as a final step before they can give the green light for subsidy payments. However, it is now commonly believed that the state’s inability to provide the amounts promised through the “development law” is the underlying reason.

During previous meetings with RES investors, Stathakis promised payments, or at least partial amounts, would be made once the state’s cash-flow issues have been resolved.

RES investors and officials are also demanding an extension to the deadline set for the completion of new projects qualifying for “development law” incentives, from the end of 2016 to the end of 2017.