RES investment interest rising, foreign players emerging

RES capacity license applications reached a total of 2,940 MW in December, a record figure, RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has announced.

Investor interest is high ahead of forthcoming RES auctions, including the first ever joint wind-and-solar energy auction planned for April.

A total of 262 RES project applications were submitted in December, comprising 139 solar energy parks, 106 wind energy parks, 2 biomass units, 6 small-scale hydropower facilities and 2 hybrid stations linked to Terna Energy.

Major foreign players are among the investors who have expressed interest, especially in the solar energy sector. Driven by the country’s favorable climate for solar energy production, foreign players appear to be showing less concern over the county risk factor.

Foreign investors are also looking beyond the RES auctions to prospects offered by the implementation of the target model.