RES auction terms were not breached, affected Spes Solar protests

The Spes Solaris renewable energy company, a member of the Panagakos corporate group, has submitted a detailed memorandum to top government bodies and the General Secteratiat for Strategic and Private Investments explaining the company’s views following the postponement of a RES auction for large-scale PV projects on December 10 by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, over suspicions the energy company was manipulating proceedings.

RES projects in the Spes Solaris portfolio qualified for fast-track procedures but have faced lengthy delays, prompting frustration at the company.

In its memorandum, whose recipients include the economy and energy ministries, Spes Solaris directly challenges RAE’s decision to postpone the auction and notes it contravenes the auction terms as well as clear instructions offered by the energy authority at a conference last year, on May 10, staged ELETEAN, the Greek Wind Energy Association.

Spes Solaris forged a strategic plan seven years ago to develop 45 projects with a total capacity of 275 MW but they have yet to be developed.