Required 40% interest level for PV pilot tender achieved

The required level of participation by prospective investors for a pilot tender to offer a PV capacity of at least 40 MW has been reached, as 28 applications representing a total capacity of approximately 60 MW have been submitted, according to energypress sources.

Based on this information, any danger of the pilot tender not being staged, as a number of market officials had feared, now appears unlikely.

The tender’s terms and conditions specify that the level of interest expressed by investors needs to cover at least 40 percent of the 40 MW caapcity to be offered.

The tender has been split into two categories for projects of under and over one MW.

Sources informed that 14 applications totaling 6.8 MW were submitted for smaller-scale projects with capacities of less than one MW, while a further 14 applications were made for larger projects of over one MW, their total capacity reaching 53 MW.

The deadline for applications, exclusively submitted online for the first time, expired yesterday. The online process was described as simple by applicants. The development also promises to make the processing procedure of applications far more efficient for RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, the pilot tender’s organizer.

A list of all the applicants is scheduled to be published on November 30 while the finalized list is expected on December 7. Bidding, to be staged online, will take place on December 12. In the lead-up, participants will be informed on the procedure, to include a virtual auction as part of the preparation.