Reopening of Greek-Italian interconnection, repaired, imminent

An interconnection linking Greece and Italy’s grids is expected to begin operating again within the next few days after a technical fault forced its temporary closure last October.

Technical tests, necessary as the interconnection had remained out of order over an extended period of time and also because of the harsh weather conditions experienced of late, have been completed.

IPTO, Greece’s power grid operator, is expected to be given the all clear by technicians for the interconnection’s re-launch any day now. The interconnection was shut down on October 20.

IPTO and Italy’s Terna attributed the temporary closure to faults detected along onshore cables.

The reconnection is being eagerly anticipated by authorities as Europe is bracing for a new energy crisis due to sub-zero weather forecasts, once again expected to increase the need for trans-boundary energy trade.

The Greek-Italian interconnection is expected to help supply electricity to the French market – at favorable trading prices – as a result if the temporary closure of nuclear power stations in France.

Heightened electricity demand is also likely in Greece amid the expected freezing weather conditions. In this case, the reopened Greek-Italian interconnection could facilitate electricity imports into Greece.